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11.11.2004 Starting BARRACUDA-remixes project... Already got remixes by Alex Coostoff, Buben, Prus... We'll get more, then make a remixes album.

19.10.2004 Bes's "AD ASTRA" electro-project debut album is released by The Lost World Productions (split-CD with Cybergrind Robots).

13.10.2004 Videos "Dark Cult" and "Eat Dust, Swallow Dirt!" are ready at last! It took quite a long, but we've got really cool professional videoclips of high quality! Modern dynamic mix, interesting ideas, original camera work, special effects... Download videos there.

27.08.2004 New live photos (MHM-5) in the gallery.

09.08.2004 Band had two videosessions for the song "My Inner Sun" in Crimea hills and mountains near the sea. This stuff will get onto the the next album, wich is planned to be recorded in 2006.

07.07.2004 The new skilled drummer - niKOT.

26.06.2004 Some new ideas for the next album, some new demo-songs...

20.06.2004 BARRACUDA is invited to play at the international open-air fest Metal Heads Mission-5 (7-8 august, Crimea, Eupatoria, "Solnyshko" entertainment complex).

10.06.2004 We've fired RTM out.

25.05.2004 New live photos (DeathBell Fest) in the gallery.

18.05.2004 Bes Trefoil with new tracks on-air in The Lost World Radioshow (107,1 FM 22:00).

13.05.2004 The band will play a gig on 22 may 2004 in "Dynamic" club at DeathBell Fest.

25.04.2004 So now processing-mixing-editing videoclips for 2 songs from the new album: "Dark Cult" and "Eat Dust, Swallow Dirt!". Studio: Pyre Recs.

17.04.2004 Working on video N2! That's the song "Eat Dust, Swallow Dirt!". Shooting action took place in refrigerating industrial complex and partially in concert hall. We hugged heavy frosted carcass in big meat refrigerators (-25°C), went down in frozen freight elevator, rided the cross conveyer. Viatt drived the motor trolley with clutch and load hook. Thanx Daz for assisting us in shooting this video.

04.04.2004 Making the video "Dark Cult": we had several videosessions on two big working industrial plants.
During one of them Barracuda members were caught by security and put into police investigation. But! We did our best to save the equipment and the material... and we saved it!

26.03.2004 Finished "GLYBA" final mastering in Pyre Recs. studio. We've got fat powerfull modern sound.

15.02.2004 The new guitar joined BARRACUDA - GROVER (Perialnye Kondilomy, Subliminal).

26.01.2004 The new bassman is accepted to play in BARRACUDA - Viatt Chserni.

03.01.2004 Band is still in search of 2-nd guitar-player. Much time has been lost, but no one from tested musicians did match.

02.01.2004 Finished mixing and primary mastering in Pyre Recs. studio. The album got called "GLYBA" (that means the huge heavy stone). It consists of 12 tracks (total time is about 48 minutes). The new material continues developping the "in carna" concept, but features more electroindustrial metal, more opened and rageous growl, more techniqued guitar parties and more aggressive atmosphere in common. "GLYBA" is the new step in BARRACUDA progress. It is much more mature in musical and professional plane than debut "in carna".


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