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15.11.2003 Daz had to leave the band. That was a good job, but sorry, there was no another way out, he did not have enough motivation. Now searching for bass-player, that will match the band better.

07.09.2003 Casting musicians for 2-nd guitar-player (rhythm).

10.08.2003 Vital is excluded from BARRACUDA because of absence of elementary discipline. The new, more skilled drummer RTM is already playing the new stuff on the band's rehearsals.

21.07.2003 All tracks for the new album are ready, now is the time for mixing and processing.

17.06.2003 Radio "Mir", "The Lost World" radioshow: interview with Bes Trefoil. New tracks, plans, on-line talk with fans...

4.06.2003 On the "Gallery" page new live photos are added.

24.05.2003 Natalia and Alexey Protasov from digital-hardcore project AMBASSADOR 21 recorded "guest" vocal parties for several tracks from the new album.

9.05.2003 Bes Trefoil on-air in radioshow Massa Brutto (11 PM, 101,2 FM).

18.04.2003 Guitar, bass and drum tracks for the new BARRACUDA album are already recorded. Next in the queue are vocal recording and working with synthesizers.

24.02.2003 As session musician Bes Trefoil recorded guitar parties digital-hardcore band Ambassador21.

17.02.2003 Caused by the organizing questions, the release of the 2-nd BARRACUDA's album is delayed. Nevertheless, we have more than 70% of the new material recorded now. We are working hot on it, and believe, the new stuff is going to be really cool!

16.01.2003 Bes Trefoil with his projects ad astra and Mortis Causa took part in the electroindustrial tribute to canadian punks D.O.A. The action is held by electroindustrial label Invasion Wreck Chords.


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