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a r c h i v e  2 0 0 1 - 2 0 0 2


16.11.2002 Track BARRACUDA "I'd Kill Him Of The Principle!" (demo'2002) is included in Vlad Buben's compilation "The New Year Sampler".

5.06.2002 BARRACUDA will play a gig with a cult-death metal band EXHUMATOR at "Park Club" on 23.06.2002.

1.06.2002 Invasion Wreck Chords released the compilation of electroindustrial-projects named "FM Must Die!". It included a track "Digital Predator" from Trefoil's electro-project AD ASTRA.

15.05.2002 New live photos of the band in the "Gallery" section.

25.04.2002 The debuit album "in carna" is released by DeathBell Productions as MC.

22-26.04.2002 BARRACUDA performance in "Park-Club" in 19.04.2002 was shown on the First Musical Channel in "Format" program.

19.04.2002 BARRACUDA took part in the fest, dedicated to a new MCD of black-metal band Morbid Victory. The place of action - "Park-Club".

12.04.2002 Bes and Vick "Morbid" (Morbid Victory) in A.Litvinsky's radio-program "Massa Brutto" on the radio "Style".

26.03.2002 Trefoil (as BARRACUDA and Medievil) and Xvost (Medievil) on-air on radio "Mir" in the Vlad Buben's radio-program "The Lost World". New BARRACUDA, Medievil and AD ASTRA (Trefoil's project) tracks will be translated.

25.03.2002 We began recording the second album. The new material will be more aggressive and techniqued, more modern and alternative.

24.03.2002 Band will take part in "The Lost World" CD-compilation.

24.03.2002 By the results of several voting tours held by Metal Music Magasine "The best local metal band'2001" BARRACUDA took 4th place among more than 30 participants.

12.02.2002 BARRACUDA will not play in Brest with BEHEMOTH because of bassman Daz's hand trauma.

10.02.2002 Preparing the second album.

28.12.2001 Band takes part in "Metelitsa 2001" fest ("Baza" club).

29.11.2001 "Musical Newspaper": big interview with Bes.

3.11.2001 Gig with HATE, MENTAL DEMISE and other bands in "Chio Peppe" club (Brest).

31.10.2001 BARRACUDA: gig at "Helloween-2001" fest ("Baza" club).

22.10.2001 Trefoil (BARRACUDA) is on-air in the program of A.Litvinsky "Massa Brutto" ("Style" radio).

11.09.2001 BARRACUDA is in Vlad Buben's program "The Lost World" ("Mir" radio ). "in carna" presentation.

2001-2005 Bes Trefoil.