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The band was founded by Bes Trefoil in 1999 in Minsk, Belarus. He became the leader, main composer and the front man. In summer'2001 BARRACUDA made it's debut with album "in carna", which was released by DeathBell Productions. From the musical point of view album was a rhythmic mix of brutal death, thrash, core and industrial. Low-tuned guitars, roaring bass, grinding drum-machine and deep growling vocals. By the end of the recording Tref established the first line-up: himself - guitar and vocals, Daz - bass, Vital - drums. In autumn'2001 the band got to the big stage and began it's concert activity.

From that time BARRACUDA successfully played at numerous gigs, took part in radio shows and regularly had good media responses. "in carna" got positive reviews and was warmly accepted by the audience. By the results of Metal Music Magazine vote "The best belarusian metal band-2001" BARRACUDA took 4-th place among more than 40 bands.

In summer'2002 - winter'2003 Bes Trefoil recorded the second album, featuring "guest" vocals of digital-hardcore band Ambassador21. The album was named "GLYBA", which means a huge monolith stone. It is the evolution of "in carna" concept, with more expressive modern sound and better quality. Death-core guitar riffing, powerful rhythm-section, furious growl and industrial backgrounds contributed to the original BARRACUDA sound. The material is more dynamic, various, bright and mature. Music combines extreme energy and hit potential.

In 2003-2004 Trefoil changed the line-up, and as a result BARRACUDA got more enthusiastic and skilled musicians: Viatt Chserni (bass), Grover (guitar) and niKOT (drums). The new blood made it's job: the band continued and raised concert activity at various gigs, including Metal Heads Mission-5 (Eupatoria, Ukraine) and Merciless East-2 (Chelm, Poland) international fests, conquering new fans from different countries.

BARRACUDA played on one stage with Pungent Stench, Parricide, Dead Infection, Hate, Toxic Bonkers, Adultery, Squash Bowels, Neolith, Devilyn, Trauma and many others.

By the end of 2004 the band got 2 professional modern video clips for the songs "Dark Cult" and "Eat Dust, Swallow Dirt!" from "GLYBA" album, plus “Glyba” live video with studio sound.

BARRACUDA developed and raised its authenticity, moving on to the next evolution step. Our stylistics on each stage of creation is a mix of various elements of extreme and alternative trends, but with a unique atmosphere. BARRACUDA music is original, easily recognizable, songs stick to memory. It's a blasting and rocking industrial death-core, diluted with psychedelic spatial atmosphere and mixed up with the immortal rock 'n' roll spirit.

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Bes Trefoil - guitar/vocal (all music, instruments and vocals in the recording). Band's foundator and leader. In band since 1999.
Other bands/projects: Medievil, Ad Astra, Mortis Causa.

                  Viatt Chserni - bass. In band since 2003.

Grover - guitar. In band since 2004.
Other bands/projects: Perialnye Kondilomy,
                                    Prophetic Dream, Nightside Glance.

niKOT- drums. In band since 2004.

e x - m e m b e r s


     RTM - drums                                                   Daz - bass                                         Vital - drums
 (2003 - 2004)                                                    (2001- 2003)                                                    (2001- 2002)

©2001-2006 Bes Trefoil.