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apr 15.2010 R.I.P. Peter Steele (Type 'O' Negative)... The whole epoch has gone with you...

may 19.2009 "To Survive Under The Sun", the new stage of creativity and experimenting in BARRACUDA dimension, is going to be recorded in Pyre Rex studio by summer '2010. The band took pause in playing live gigs until the new album is released.

jun 07.2008 More live photos here.

apr 27.2008 Working on live video (from "GLYBA" album).

mar 19.2008 Please check out BARRACUDA MySpace and YouTube profiles!

feb 12.2008 BARRACUDA is still in album concept/lyrics creation and re-creation phase. The longer the work - the better the result.

nov 17.2007 Bes Trefoil: "We're sorry for this long delay between "Glyba" and forthcoming album "To Survive Under The Sun". It is conditioned by our perfectionism in creating the new stuff. Tons of arrangements are being made and remade. The point is to create a specific atmosphere, so I am very particular with songs I write now. Thus all the rumors about our break-up are only rumors. Through this work BARRACUDA is getting stronger, mature, perfecting itself. We appreciate your interest to BARRACUDA. We' ll try to surpass your expectations with "To Survive Under The Sun". Hope you'll like our next-stage-developed face."

aug 30.2007 Bes finished studio filming for "Give Me A Good Shake". Thus video will contain some video effects and virtual environment.

jjul 26.2007 We filmed some more scenes for the upcoming video "Heat Lazy Heat" in Crimea. They include Bes singing under the sea water in sun rays. Yes, we did the underwater filming. Also during that period we filmed the main scenes for "Give Me A Good Shake" video. Later you'll be able to see Bes' new image there.

may 17.2007 Now we have more than 25 new songs in demo arrangements. Still there is a lot of work to do with the upcoming album. It looks like the stuff will be divided into two separate albums. We'll see. The summer will be very "studious".

apr 10.2007 New live dates:
  12-th May 2007, Minsk, Arena club (Tolbukhina 4), 18:00. Featuring Shaman from Heretic (RIP) on lead guitar.
  18-th May 2007, Misnk, Arena club (Tolbukhina 4), 18:00.

mar 10.2007 Bes Trefoil is experimenting with vintage guitar riffs and amp sound of late 1950-s. Soft fat sound on lower strings and bright and screamy on higher ones.

jfeb 21.2007 Shit happens. Hard disk with rich video footage for "Death Dance" unrecoverably broke. Alas, we didn't have time to make backup copies. Thus we lost a video clip. Moreover, we lost several demo songs for the futher album. Shit happens.

jan 14.2007 New photos in the gallery.

oct 07.2006 The work on "To Survive Under The Sun" is boiling! Trefoil arranges guitar parties at Pyre Rex studio now.

aug 02.2006 We'll perform at Kletka club (Minsk) on 03-rd september. The gig is "Big death metal movement pt.2 - Tribute to Death".

jun 11.2006 By the end of june 2006 Trefoil will start recording guitar parties for the next album (working name "To Survive Under The Sun") in Pyre Rex studio.

may 10.2006 BARRACUDA is going to play gig at Dark Materia Fest (www.medievil.net/darkmateria) on 17-th june (Youth Theatre).

dec 8.2005 New band photos in the Gallery (Bes Trefoil, Viatt Csherni and niKOT).

nov 28.2005 BARRACUDA will perform at Aquarium club "Old New Year Party" (Minsk, january 14 '2006).

oct 10.2005 We've got a live bootleg video, shot on 25.06.2005 at "Shapes Of Darkness" fest. Low quality, but good drive! Watch it on Video page.

oct 09.2005 Live and other photos from Merciless East-2 (Chelm, Poland) are available in Gallery.

oct 08.2005 Finished "Glyba" video! You may download it from Video page now.

oct 05.2005 Going to play a gig in Kiev in november '2005. Date and place are being specified...

sep 20.2005 Now working on clip "Glyba" - live video with studio sound.

aug 15.2005 We returned from Poland. Great! Warm welcome of the audience and numerous impressions! Live photos soon...

jul 28.2005 BARRACUDA made more than several videosessions in different hot rocky places near the sea. Two more videos at work! That will be videoclips for the songs "To Survive Under The Sun" and "Heat, Lazy Heat" from the upcoming album.

jul 16.2005 Preparing material for the new album (working name "To Survive Under The Sun")! As you can get it from the name, atmosphere will be hot... very hot... sun... mountains... sand and stones... sea and ships... Approximate time for beginning the recording - spring '2006. Until that time we must finish all the works wuth "Glyba".

jul 05.2005 BARRACUDA will perform at "Merciless East-2" international fest (12-14 august 2005, Chelm, Poland, Amphitheater "Kumowa Dolina").

jul 02.2005 New live photos ("Shapes Of Darkness" fest) in the Gallery.

jun 22.2005 Band is going to play gig at "Shapes Of Darkness" fest on 25.06.2005.

may 24.2005 Site moved to www.barracudaband.com.

apr 29.2005 So Tref started cutting numerous live videos...

mar 10.2005 We finished series of several videosessions (april '2004 - march '2005) for "Death Dance" song from "Glyba" album... Picture-taking was held at (!!!) ammonia refrigerating workshop (Tref, Viatt and Grover dancing with gas-masks), then in cold rolling department and in tools grinding workshop, at conveyor, and in Pyre Recs. studio at last. More special effects, more industrial, tons of aggression, and some irony (as always)!

jan 15.2005 Got videos from "MHM-5" fest (shot on 3 cameras from different points)... good video, but shitty sound... probably we'll make 2 clips with live video and studio sound ("Glyba" and "The Spider" songs). The same about several videos from other BARRACUDA club gigs. It will be "Techno Kill" videoclip made of live-video-compilation and studio sound...


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